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Xtreme Mapping 1.5.1
Runs on Mac OS X Mavericks or later

Xtreme Mapping 1.5.1 is an advanced editor of MIDI controller mappings for Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software. Long and extenuating sessions to configure your hardware are now a thing of the past since Xtreme Mapping makes this easier than ever with a set of convenient features, now including support for Remix Decks commands introduced in Traktor 2.6.2, Freeze mode commands introduced in Traktor 2.7.0 and all the new Kontrol devices.

Long story short: Xtreme Mapping is Traktor's Controller Manager panel on steroids, it can create, open and edit any mapping made with/for Traktor (version 1.2.7 or later) and Traktor 2 (up to 2.11.x).


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